Presa TC 100W, Upgrade Firmware

Upgrade your Wismec Presa TC 100W Now

Firmware V4.03 for Wismec Presa TC 100W, do you upgrade it? This TC Software update includes enhancements and improvements for it, upgrade it now. about presa tc 100w, know more at

RXmini, Upgrade Firmware, Wismec

New Firmware For Wismec Reuleaux RXmini Kits

Firmware V4.03, Wismec TC Software for Upgrading Reuleaux RXmini Kit.
This TC Software update includes enhancements and improvements for your Reuleaux RXmini Kit. know more at

Atomizer, Vape Tanks, Wismec

Wismec Elabo 4.9ml top filling vape tank

The Elabo with retractable top filling solution and innovative childproof lock system can perfectly fit the Predator 228. do you like it? All the parts of Elabo can be detached and reassembled, bringing much convenience in cleaning it. Optional Heads with Wonderful Taste, Both of the equipped heads will provide you large vapor and good flavor. And the design of no threads coil system makes it possible for users to replace a used coils faster and without getting e-liquid on their hands. Huge Vapor Clouds with Bottom Airflow Control
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Mechanical Mods, Skyladon

Wismec Skyladon Mechanical Mod be worth to have one

The Skyladon is a mechanical mod made of stainless steel and can be compatible with 18650 battery. Its highlights lie in two parts: the spring loaded connector in top cover and the magnetic fire button on bottom, which makes the device more durable and adaptable. More ever, unique grids design of the top cover is made to improve heat dispersion during vaping.  hope you can like it! know more information about it, you can visit